"An arbitrary succession of more or less irritating sounds"

Friday 15 October 2010


We are all broken - indisputably, Broken20_0.5 brings "drones, noise, clipped beats, rumbling bass". But to these ears what it most brings is a striking melding of protaganists TVO & Erstlaub into two sides of the same genre-defying, richly experimental & viscerally intense post-techno coin (appropriate image for a 3"...).

The two pieces bleed into each other in fascinating ways. Keep Away From Fire And Flames is the sound of a delicate drone infusion onto a notably restrained & modulated bed of skippy beats. Meanwhile, Entering The Eye Of The Storm squirts a faintly oriental, exuberant pipe* over a boldly slashing, clanking base unfamiliar from earlier Erst. *not a pipe really, just a sound somewhat like one...

The whole release is clearly also a kind of kissing cousin to TVO's prismatic epic We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, the inspired first official B20 release (extracts below).

Separately, a new B20 artist: "Isodyne is a musician and dj from Edinburgh; he’s also recorded and worked under his own name, Patrick Walker, as well as AVX/Avionix and is perhaps best known currently for his work as half of Forward Strategy Group."

Previous coverage (also here & here [B20]; here, here & here [TVO]; & here, here & here [Erst])

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