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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sad dreamy road

It's probably not my last mea culpa for an overlooked 2011 release, regrettably. Still, Felicia Atkinson's O-RE-GON (Home Normal; Spotty stream) is an indisputably great record that these ears only managed to connect with this year - & which has to be clumsily co-opted into our Festive 50 + 50...

Anyone who knows Felicia's mesmerising Aberdeen will recognise the ingredients of Green and Grey (stream in full below), O-RE-GON's jaw-dropping high point - breathy, repeating incantation, a simple, circling palette of faintly menacing texture, a hugely unsettling impact. 

But where the earlier piece draws its huge power from an uncanny inhabitation of obsession, G&G's emotional range is somewhat different - less of an unfolding narrative, seemingly more directed to journeying & discovery, redemption & release.   

& now her flurry of recent releases (besides O-RE-GON the past year has brought Les Bois Rouges, The Driver, Venice is Falling, Crystal arrows for a cosmic king & the compelling microKORGed loveliness of The Owls...) leads to On Being Kind to Horses. These 25 minutes of "snowy drones" for Fluid Audio take flight from a touching Mayakovsky poem. 

Not sure yet that there's much (anything?) to separate the Brugges & Ostende takes on the metallic, beautifully resolved Hooves Drummed (stream both in full below). Nor what else the release contains - both these takes & one more? 

Felicia Atkinson - Hooves drummed (Ostende)

Felicia Atkinson - Green and Grey

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