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Thursday, 8 November 2012

On the wall

Several artists hitting new peaks of maturity & even, though some might hesitate over the term, profundity touch down in Bristol on Saturday. If you're remotely within reach of St John the Baptist, don't miss this second Sound Architects show.

Denmark's great p jørgensen, who  starts his UK tour the night before with a doubtless essential live set on Resonance FM, will feature alongside Simon Scott, Andrew Hargreaves' Tape Loop Orchestra & Christoph Berg's Field Rotation (all courtesy of the south-west's invaluable Fluid Radio). 

p j's new
Four Pieces for Moreschi is so dazzling & so deep that LMYE's normally capacious reserves of hyperbole can scarcely do it justice. Part of an outstanding split with Low Point's Gareth Hardwick (whose Sixteenth February Twenty Twelve also merits the blurb's claims of "quiet drama and almost endless fascination"), it takes him into strikingly concrète territory via a suite of four "decidedly different pieces of processed musical interludes and field recordings"

Even with the PR-atron cranked to maximum, Low Point is spot on about the piece: "Jørgensen’s work here is comprised of four very distinct parts of a larger whole. Beginning with dense, almost engine-like sheets of sound, Four Pieces could almost be some kind of sentient machine that organically grows as it progresses over time. Glassy and bell-like textures move into breathy and atmospheric zones, finally giving in to gentle and subdued melodies – a mere whisper of what came before and all the while maintaining a textural fragility which keeps the listener holding ones breath in anticipation of what is to come."

Like the split, Scott's Below Sea Level (on 12k) is one of the year's key releases (coverage here). TLO's forthcoming In a Lonely Place (due soon on Facture) may well be another, while FR's forthcoming self-released compilation of remixes of his Zeitreise should also be compelling...

_Sealevel.1 by Simon Scott

Tape Loop Orchestra - I Died When She Left Me

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