"An arbitrary succession of more or less irritating sounds"

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Prolonged weekness

Highlights of these ears' listening from the past seven days...

Not sure these ears need the full 20 'ambient' tributes to Phil, but applauding Steve Flato for "exists in the vague place between Music For Airports and Music From The Disney Motion Picture 'Tarzan'"... 

...& always ready for gossamer Nicholas Burrage (formerly Szczepanik) loveliness


Further on NB, finally spending time with the unhurried richness of marbles.' vol. 1

"appropriation of mariah carey's '#1 to infinity'"


Headphones on, as guided, & quietly blissing out to Music For Sleep's A Careful Endlessly...

"Listening at low volume is highly recommended"

Celer is still releasing & these ears are still listening... 

...captivated by the gorgeous new I Wish You Could (Constellation Tatsu) - as natural & restful as breath

[part of Fall Batch w/Stephan Haluska, Rhucle & Ecovillage

Touching dedication to Brian Young too...

Also, applauding the line Cassettes...no longer just for dads & hipsters


Revisiting Bethan Kellough's glorious, grand Vision on Touch's unexpected new sub-label Sundry Items!

From Aven (2016)

Sundry Items also features Rafael Toral's Violence of Discovery & Calm of Acceptance

"crafted with extreme precision & care"

Resubmerging into Loscil's classic Submers - these ears aren't vinyl fetishists, but kranky's rerelease prompts first descent in a while into its depths...

"sourceless echoes, steely surfaces & ominous melodic & rhythmic undertows"

Gladly revisiting The Swifter (Andrea Belfi / BJ Nilsen / Simon James Phillips)'s magnificent Wall Sailor (Sonic Pieces)...

"like watching birds being set free from a cage to relish a newly won space for spreading their wings"

Not everyone approves of it, evidently - but still finding rewards in Max Loderbauer & Ricardo Villalobos's Re: ECM more than seven years in... 

"to harmonize these two worlds, without them aspiring to mutually deactivate each other"

Not sure I can get away with the word 'splendid', but this new Purlieu podcast for New New World Radio's 'Beauty Sleep' is...great

Featuring Jobanshi, Mt Accord, Knivtid & more... 

"Celebrating one year of sonic healing"

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

More Weekness

Some of these ears' listening from the past seven days...

Missed this ravishing :zoviet*france: piece, It's Been a While, in August - struggling to make room for anything else now...

"Created from original recordings made on location under a bridge in Wester Ross, & in a hawthorn glade in north Northumberland"

Lulling, somnolent...Forest Management's heavy-eyed The Dreamer: from Remain - inaugural release on FM's enticing new CDr label, Afterhours


Revelling in the 'Ambient Bedroom Noise' of Ceramic Flowers' C - 1995 01...

From forthcoming per aspera ad astra (Vienna Press)

Pure & deep... 

Gareth Davis & Rutger Zuydervelt on wandelweiser: 

(20-minute 'snippet' from sileen II)



"The structure brims with materials that create a collage of associations & contrasts" 

Tremendous, wide-eared Provocations set by Chaperone "selected to interact with Rashid Johnson's work at ICAVCU (


Exhibit A: Sleep Well

From Little Notes (forthcoming on Fluid Audio)...

"an aquatic atmosphere, perhaps suggesting an ironic take on ‘orientalism’ - down to the river’s delta" 

Untitled by Nicola Ratti & Giuseppe Ielasi's Bellows

[inaugurates ooh-sounds' 'decouple ][ series'  

"metaphor for a world of surfaces"]

Predictably hot under the collar about KrysaliSound's remaster/reissue of øjeRum's The Forest Is Sleeping Within The Trees

"a sort of spiritual research...a deep combination of human desolation, devotion & fragility" 

[2015 original on Scissor Tail Editions]

"possessing time blurring & cranium clearing qualities that would wet the weepers" 

Withdrawn by Sean McCann

(h/t )

[from Fountains expanded reissue]

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Friday, 9 November 2018

Past Weekness

Updating LMYE's 'My Weekness' series with a recent-ish October week of these ears' listening enthusiasms...

"coming back to music making & exploring other worlds" 

Finally picking up on this quite gorgeous, lulling Leonardo Rosado piece '180828 nocturnal 0.1' "after a long hiatus"...


"creaking, ancient structures, buzzing rainforests & gargling subaquatic worlds" 

Finding much riches in 'foraging collagist' Chris Ruffoni's St. Olave’s Granite Labyrinth... 


Spending time with Music For Sleep's gripping Migration...


Hanging head & ears in shame at missing Our Grey Lives' extraordinary Cacophonies until now...

"an all-new – generally abstract, at times abject, occasionally euphoric – sonic landscape, lacking the ‘face’ but bearing traces of the source" 

"considering every song-channel as an instrument of a larger whole the essence of the original album is distilled, through a maze of analogue & digital effects paths; smoke & mirrors nuclear fallout from the planned demolition, by detonation, of an erased antecedent" 

PS unearthed in MISC. DJs - THE STORY SO FAR mixtape: "Selected bangers – ambient & not so – from our first five releases, squished together by technology for home-listening/raving/educational kix. 100% miscellaneous" 

Starting the day with the romantic blurscape of Benoit Pioulard's Slow spark, soft spoke - now in an extended edition...


"percolating patterns of fiberglass synthetics & fluorescent melody, assembled into minimalist bio-domes of refracted light & hanging gardens": H. Takahashi's ravishing Escape

from Escapism (Not Not Fun)

Magnificent new Pascal Savy for AUDIO. VISUALS. ATMOSPHERE - stately, poised, haunting..

From Colour Fields tape:

"...hypnagogic frames balancing wind, wave & star. Symmetric pearl timbres..."

Some thrilling, fragile moments among the 'reinterpretations' of Antonymes' The Licence To Interpret Dreams.

Returning particularly often to Talvihorros' stabbing, swelling take on The Gospel Pass, Ian Hawgood's celestial Endlessly expansion & p jørgensen's hushing of Landscape Beyond An Open Window......


Radiant, instructive Hotel Neon mix for the 'this exquisite pain' series...

"dense, heavy, analog textures & decay"

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

My Weekness

Some of these ears' listening enthusiasms from the past week...

"like a soundtrack to a solemn, ancient ceremony - with not-necessarily human participants" 

Kicking off November's Lend Me Your Radio with Aidan Baker's "steady, pulsing & eternal" Steep Uphill Climb - from Deer Park (Muzan Editions)


"music that enters your room as sunlight...that moves slowly through your room...a slow journey into silence": Martin Hoogeboom & Oberlin's Light/Well (Thirsty Leaves)

Especially keen to hear moody alien's 12-minute Light vs Well remix...

Much atmosphere & invention in this Precocious Mouse set from Thursday night - 'Type', live at Demerara Records' Vanishing Point Solo


Sending LMYE love - False Colors (Appropriate Savagery Remix) by J. De Sosa on Vaagner


"a take on sound as a representation of memory" 

Ultra-ready for Ultrafog's How Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer (Motion Ward)...


These ears never need much persuading towards new Piiptsjilling (Machinefabriek / Jan & Romke Kleefstra / Mariska Baars) - but champing at the bit for the quartet's 'concentrated yet playful improvisations' with Sylvain Chauveau, Annelies Monsere & Joachim Badenhorst


Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.
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