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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Navigating Navapolatsk

Lovely, dubby squelch from cross-border collaborations with Belarus, curated by ~scape: Pole vs I/DEX > Track 3, Pinch meets Pavel Ambiont > 1_18 (both from the forthcoming Connections, neither track title particularly reliable...).

Blurb: ""Connections" is a forthcoming compilation to be released in collaboration with scape early 2009, available for free download. Showcasing a diverse range of artists in electronic, club and experimental music, the compilation breaks through the EU's eastern limits to bring together producers and musicians from Western Europe and Belarus. "Connections" is funded by the ECF, as well as the Goethe Institute Minsk, Polish Institute Minsk, Swedish Institute and Pro Helvetia. Curated by scape, Unsound festival and IN-Touch."

PsyPhotos by Pavel Ambiont

Bonus: I/DEX's fine Scalene (from Seqsextend, Nexsound).

More, possibly related Belarussion collisions tomorrow night, should you find yourself in Minsk with time on your hands (featuring both I/DEX & Pavel Ambiont, plus Frank Bretschneider & Alva Noto - together, seemingly):

All of this hybrid ~scapery reminds me that the new Round Black Ghosts is out & no doubt essential...

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Almost sunny

Transcendent, almost sunny drone: Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy > Imagistic Continuity (from A Picture of a Picture, Killer Pimp). 

More Baker giveaways here. Try this slow-starting spacey delicacy: Live in Aarhus [track 1]; the whole 3-part performance is here

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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Birthday batch

High sheen, deftly woozy: an LMYE birthday batch...

Addled > Where Am I? [from Heartbreachno, Moodgadget]

One Of Them > Sometimes I Feel Like (Addled Phlamenko Remix) [NB: lo-res version; original from Tetrised EP, Moodgadget]

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists have chosen to share freely with their audience. Let us know if anything here shouldn't be...

Friday, 20 February 2009

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tightly spacious

Courtesy of the excellent No Pain in Pop, a compelling, crafted slab of tightly spacious boundary-blurring: Martyn mini-mix (lo-res version of a Rough Trade bonus with the imminent Great Lengths...).

Unconfirmed track list: 

Can - Future Days (Carl Craig Blade Runner mix) (white label)
Martyn - Vancouver (3024)
Martyn - Hear Me (3024)
2562 - Old Town (unreleased)
Pangaea - Router (unreleased)
Martyn - Twenty Four (3024)
Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn’s Heart Beat mix) (Warp)
Martyn - Vancouver (2562 off dub) (3024)
Martyn - Natural Selection (acapella) (3024)
Martyn - Natural Selection (Flying Lotus conference clense mix) (3024)

Monday, 9 February 2009

Tiny shards

1228 - the best of Line's fragile, touching poptronica on the sweet-laden Hearts [out today on the fine Uncharted Audio], pitting a gawky, faux-naif voice against melancholy, pretty electro-burble - a match for the epic, lo-fi loveliness of Half-Smile

Other notable Heart-aches, like Go Let It Out & Optics, reweight this balance: a more strident, tearing vocal, more thrusting pulses & bleeps. 

Remember early Thomas Leer? You might imagine that Line does (though he's doubtless a bit too young for the original Cherry Red Contradictions)...

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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Kind of blue

Welcome new techno from Detroit classicist Cyan 341 (previously covered on LMYE here): the  dense, driving Dark Matter - from the Dark Matter EP on Rednetic

Soundcloud preview: 

Register at Rednetic for a free download of arguably the best Cyan track yet, the delicate, haunting Whitenoise Archive (preview here) - though this LMYE-hacked extract, Heidelberg Heat, from a remarkable live performance in Germany last year runs it close & shows a looser, wilder Cyan that it'd be great to hear more of...

At the other end of his spectrum is the very spare, precise Numbers EP on the netlabel Kreislauf: get it here; from it, the ultra-dry, lean 7

Hear it & Cyan's excellent Uncharted Audio output here

Cyan is also Zainetica: his richly squelchy, measured Nestor House Dub (from Crazy Compilation 2). 

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists have chosen to share freely with their audience.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Mother may

Too much of a trainspotter for quick & dirty, usually, but here goes: new-ish music from big-ish names Taylor Deupree & Susumu Yokota (not together, regrettably - that'd be worth hearing...). 

Deupree/Kenneth Kirschner > May (from May, Room40): muffled, hissing delicacy

Yokota> Tree Surgeon (from Mother, Lo): rich, engaging march (disposable vocal, though)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

On gossamer wings

Ethereal dancehall? Gossamer dubstep? Who knows, but - as promised - LMYE is privileged to share this delightfully poised hybrid from Production Unit. Somehow simultaneously both spectral, floating synth & monstrous, loping bass, topped off with a woozy whistle & ominous riffing: Dem Sirens (lo-res; full-quality on Half of a Hole, on the ever more impressive Highpoint Lowlife).

Hear the other side, A Little Hope, here

Bonuses: the lovely, dubby 140 c minor (from Netaudio London 2008 Showcase); from the same source, affiliate The Village Orchestra's shimmering, ambient Shouting Gram Part 2

Finally, from PU & TVO's Marcia Blaine School For Girls: the menacing, subtly pounding Faulty Perceptual Apparatus (from Analog for Architecture). 

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists have chosen to share freely with their audience.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Humanitarian postage

Last night's Posthuman reference & link seem to call for more. So:

The brooding, almost Bond theme-worthy original Asha Grew Wings (from Hilda Family EP).

Hear LMYE's preferred Village Orchestra remix here (& in a mix here); grab Octavcat's remix here.

Also from Hilda, the mounting, composed epic Pinneal.

The 'blue' version of Posthuman's first album is free here. From it, the break-beat sketch Ceolocanth (seemingly unrelated to Shriekback's lovely pop-ambient Coelocanth)...

Posthuman are also On / Off ("a side project for releasing our more experimental, ambient material") - One Day: Machines (ambient mix)

Get the original here & hear the Digitonal remix that formed part of Uncharted Audio's often excellent Signals series (which also includes the quite satisfyingly unhinged Posthuman/Digitonal spin-off AGT Rave Cru: listen) here.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists have chosen to share freely with their audience.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Orchestral manoeuvres

These ears relish The Village Orchestra's intelligence, nimbleness & deep sense of texture & space more & moreAll the long & tricky way from fairly glitchy drone to a kind of warped, rich 'Steve Reich takes tea in Detroit' post-minimalism, TVO is concertedly, confidently & carefully compelling. 

Courtesy of Stuff, the clattering, time-shifting subtleties of Dwyer (NB: lo-res version - full-quality on the new The Dark is Rising EP; hear in full here - the 11-minute dubby joy of the digital-only alternate edit to Tober's warm shimmer, the rightly lauded 2562 'refix' of Afanc...). 

Earlier: the ravishing Love Theme From 'Two Man Rumble' (from the often wonderful Et In Arcadia Ego on Highpoint Lowlife; hear in full here.)
Other TVO goodies include: the delicate, swirling Tribute to Martin Crane (from the largely free Highpoint compilation Looking Back Ain't No Way Forward).

A home-compressed version of an apparently Dalston-inspired experiment Live @ Towards the Singularity [LMYE Hack] (more bass might have added to the sense of place... anyway, original in full here). 

TVO's very rare & very excellent remix of Posthuman's Asha Grew Wings is on this meaty mix. The original is free here

Another mix, on the staggeringly fine Electronic Explorationshere.  

Finally, from one of the man's many other personas/participations: the rumbling, rattling The Ratio by The Marcia Blaine School For Girls (from Magnetism, That Electricity... - again on Highpoint, again fully listenable via last.fm & also featuring 20 minutes of TVO bliss: The King of All Tears); & the nicely yearning Sleep Vs. Distance (from Halfway Into The Woods). 

NB: here very soon - new material from Marcia Blaine co-conspirator Production Unit...
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