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Thursday, 25 April 2013


These ears are burning. "Despite its size and the presence of a university and an art college, [] has relatively few music venues and very little in terms of catering for experimental music" could just as well be said of Bath (except that the art college in LMYE's home town is part of a second university. So even less of a leg to stand on...). 

The only real difference from the quote's real object is that Winchester is blessed with The/Ologies - two gents (Joe Evans of Runningonair Music & Matt Poacher of Mountain*7/The Liminal) with the gumption to make something happen locally. 

This Saturday brings their second happening, Seismology, following last September's Phrenology. With the great John ChantlerPausal (part of our Furtive 30 - 2012 releases that mattered most to us), Seth Cooke & Dominic Lash, & Regolith's 'sound manipulist' Grohs all on a bill justly blurbed as "ranging from remarkably original analogue synthesis, classically influenced ambient artists  and live improvisations...highly contrasting work, both within and between each event", LMYE is girding for the trans-Wiltshire trek. Hope to see you there.

Seismology - Gig CD Excerpts

Aurora, Dancing... by John Chantler

John Chantler - Untitled #2

gLASSsHRIMP live session on Resonance FM by John Chantler

Pausal - Forms (album preview) 

Fdbckjm050313 by Grohs

Seth Cooke & Dominic Lash - Cafe Kino, Bristol, 090113

Phrenology - Gig Companion CD

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.
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