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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Orchestral manoeuvres

These ears relish The Village Orchestra's intelligence, nimbleness & deep sense of texture & space more & moreAll the long & tricky way from fairly glitchy drone to a kind of warped, rich 'Steve Reich takes tea in Detroit' post-minimalism, TVO is concertedly, confidently & carefully compelling. 

Courtesy of Stuff, the clattering, time-shifting subtleties of Dwyer (NB: lo-res version - full-quality on the new The Dark is Rising EP; hear in full here - the 11-minute dubby joy of the digital-only alternate edit to Tober's warm shimmer, the rightly lauded 2562 'refix' of Afanc...). 

Earlier: the ravishing Love Theme From 'Two Man Rumble' (from the often wonderful Et In Arcadia Ego on Highpoint Lowlife; hear in full here.)
Other TVO goodies include: the delicate, swirling Tribute to Martin Crane (from the largely free Highpoint compilation Looking Back Ain't No Way Forward).

A home-compressed version of an apparently Dalston-inspired experiment Live @ Towards the Singularity [LMYE Hack] (more bass might have added to the sense of place... anyway, original in full here). 

TVO's very rare & very excellent remix of Posthuman's Asha Grew Wings is on this meaty mix. The original is free here

Another mix, on the staggeringly fine Electronic Explorationshere.  

Finally, from one of the man's many other personas/participations: the rumbling, rattling The Ratio by The Marcia Blaine School For Girls (from Magnetism, That Electricity... - again on Highpoint, again fully listenable via last.fm & also featuring 20 minutes of TVO bliss: The King of All Tears); & the nicely yearning Sleep Vs. Distance (from Halfway Into The Woods). 

NB: here very soon - new material from Marcia Blaine co-conspirator Production Unit...

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