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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Wonky honk

No great surprise that a wonky, honking (&, yes, chunky) Jelinek remix of some previously unencountered jazztronica should float LMYE's boat: Yeah, That's Right (Meteors Noire remix) [from this EP] NB: ad-supported giveaway from We7, as you'll hear... 

From the same stable as Our Theory, who include Blue Noter Eric Truffaz, is the Nublu Orchestra: visit L.E.S Gardens [from this album] for a more sprawling, spacey take on honked-up 'tronica. 

For once, thumbs down to ~scape, by the way. A fresh Pole 12" (half-fresh: a new track & his contribution to this awesome compilation) is great news - but a 12-second freebie? Lower-res but somewhat meatier are this extract & this one

Thumbs up, though, to the excellent Beta Lounge's "countless hours of expert audio arrangement and dj mixes digitized live at our studios in San Francisco, Hamburg, and from locations across the globe" - 774 sets archived with love over 12 years, including Burnt Friedman/Jaki Liebezeit/Atom Heart, Jah Wobble, Pantha du Prince, Efdemin & even Derrick May, plus Pole & Jelinek: donations welcome.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Friday's forcefield

LMYE recently shook the hand of modest genius. Having sat through a pretty woeful support act to deliver a fierce, deep masterclass in layering & reducing drones & scraps of found sound, Philip Jeck only allowed himself to thank someone for having helped him out with some forgotten leads. After that performance he'd have been entitled to punch the air, whoop & big himself up MC-style...

Pax (from Stoke) is nothing like last Friday's forcefield performance - but its woozy, hymnal beauty is worth your time anyway. 

Jeck's collaborations are also notable. The most obvious & lauded is with Gavin Bryars on The Sinking of the Titanic. But he's done good things with the Jah Wobble/Jaki Liebezeit post-everything drum 'n' bass pairing too, like Live in Leuven: from which, try Three.

Now bring on 'Jeck meets Pole' or 'Jeck meets Jelinek'!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Nudity covered

After the remixes, it's not obvious that the world was much in need of jazzy covers of Radiohead's Nude. Still, amid a quintet of largely dubious & notably safe reworkings cooked up by a UK newspaper today, is this exemplary, scorching version by Jonathan Gee - reimagining it as a lambent, pregnant riff-out from a post-modern Jack JohnsonNude

Trio VD's version is refreshing & messy: Nude too.  

Finally, for the sake of sad train-spotting completeness, a re-up of Holy Fuck's half-decent official remix seemed indicated. But my anorak's gone limp: just get it here

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