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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Plaintively monstrous

Plaintive voice (the impolite would say weedy, but that misses out something touching & defiant...) times delectable electro prettiness times a monstrous bass equals Line (also here & here): exemplified by Half-smile from Chinese Room on Uncharted Audio

Room also includes a snappy ballad (yes, really) & two muscular remixes from the album it precedes - Hearts, out next month. 

Also in Uncharted territory, tracks from Hard as Snails by Octavcat (MySpacelike Winkle, Apoogiator, Jhumblecloud (the first half, at least) & Little Friends round out their playfulness with - thankfully -  more substance & inventiveness than those jaunty cartoons & the pun-laden*, blue vinyl pressing might suggest.  

* I know. But I'd like to think mine isn't so painful...

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