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Friday, 17 October 2008

Remove red from white light

An effortlessly pulsing, cleverly smeared working of the rich seam of dubby post-techno, Pattern 4 by cyan341 on Uncharted Audio is respectfully in the Basic Channel lineage - to the extent of having its own decimal-placed version (4.1: buy here). 

If its imminent vinyl release in the perfect format (10", obviously...) weren't persuasion enough, cyan gets further kudos for citing this great 1990 compilation as a key inspiration (previously blogged by LMYE here). 

Moreover, it has a fine remix by the relentlessly interesting LJ Kruzer - both skipping and melancholy. 

To arouse your appetite further, an LMYE-hacked hors d'oeuvre from this summer's STFU gathering: Heidelberg Heat - feast on those lovely, mad synth stabs & vamps... 

cyan's deliciously spacey set in its hour-plus entirety is here, while for completists everything from the event is here under Creative Commons.

Pic by filarion

Bonus: Kruzer giveaways - Koi Carp, Mowzer Pitville Park

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the review, good to see you know about that compilation, its still brilliant.
Mark - Cyan341

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