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Friday, 9 December 2016

Dark calm

Contrasting pieces from two very different artists united by inspiration from Coil

David Fyans/Erstlaub's Sedna follows being "on trains the last few weeks looking at the sea & thinking about what a great chasm has been left in the absence of Coil" & "is dedicated to Peter Christopherson on the 6th anniversary of his passing". Similarly, Fred Welton Warmsley/Lee Bannon's Dedekind Cut "draws out the dark calm of Coil, in the guise [of] a modern approach to Noise, New Age & Ambient music". 

DC's ravishing Conversations with angels (from $uccessor [Wikipedia]) draws on an appropriately celestial palette. Where Conversations is vast & nearly weightless, Sedna carries a queasy, wilting physicality. Although both have a satisfying spaciousness, Fyans' diverting piece (bearing his characteristic 'experimental drone eurorack modular magick modular synthesizer noise ritual synthesis' tags) draws its weighty power from a sense of machines running down - indifferently repeating tasks, but with growing warp & drift...

Hat-tip to Shimmering Moods, whose new Resonance Extra #5 tipped these ears to DC... 

Bonus: Surgeon's immense Peter Christopherson tribute mix ("The first hour of my DJ set at Bleep43 on December 3rd was a tribute to Peter Christopherson, who died on November 25th. I chose tracks that either featured his voice, or that I especially connected with him. Recorded at Corsica Studios, London, between 11pm & midnight on December 3rd, 2010.")

NB: top photo by David Fyans

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