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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Digital dowry (doubled re-up)

NB: post from un-Hyped pre-history updated (& re-upped) with new tracks, blather & self-deprecation...

There are lots of things to love about Cepia - his moody, naive melodies, an always fascinating & intensely textured base of clicks, echoes & beats, the way the one is laid over the other, the cunning, almost drum'n'bass or dubstep-y sense of pace (the idea that a melody can work itself out over a much faster rhythm track & that the tension between the two is what pulls the piece along)...

Opening Parade & Hoarse, giveaways from last year's Natura Morta on Ghostly, say all this more articulately. & in notably fewer words.

So do the clanging, reverbed Ithaca, from this year's Ghostly Swim giveaway extravaganza (re-up: see here), & the vampy, intensely textured remix of Lusine's Flat, from Podgelism.

For a rarer, more ethereal version, try the lovely Countrytime from the Dowry EP (buy it here & enjoy the pretentiousness of an eMusic review that uses the phrase - apparently without embarrassment - "did the budding experimentalist's muse fully exit her shell"!).

Ramp on Idol Tryouts Vol. 2 is a drone-drenched, almost Tim Hecker-esque, take on this side of Cepia. & that's a good thing (or here).

But best of all, to these ears, is sqr exp - a wonderfully warped, lurching, chattering piece on the rare-ish SMM Vol. 2.

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