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Friday, 15 August 2008

Ghostly drone

Talking of drone & Ghostly (rare combination, but we were...), here's the vast Toward Water from this year's Ocean Fire by Christopher Willits & the fairly legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto.

& here's three parts (Fountain, Floating [clip], Touch Me & I End Up Singing) of Willits' seven-section post-Frippertronics Breathe on SMM Vol. 2.

& here's the too brilliantly titled to miss out on
Your Face Looks Like a 15th Century Turkish Carpet (from this single).

Best of all, here's the serial collaborator on inspired glitch-march with 12k don Taylor Deupree: Grounding (from Mujo).

NB: all tracks artist's giveaway - lots more here.

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