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Friday, 30 November 2007

Not classical

Tim Hecker has been one of my key discoveries of this year. Baffling that it took me so long, but I now see his stuff as some of the most profound, beautiful, mysterious & moving music I know. It's not classical, but it's beatless & pretty abstract. & completely mesmerising.

Best of all is the 2003 masterpiece Radio Amor (read some smart listener reviews - passing over AMG's observation that "The sonic palette Hecker draws from here is strikingly reminiscent of his previous work", as the rest of their piece is decent - & buy here).

Listen to I'm Transmitting Tonight for a taste. But you need to listen to the whole thing to really experience the massive emotional weight Hecker gets out of his material...

&, of course, check out the other albums, including last year's Harmony in Ultraviolet, this year's Norberg & the older Haunt Me, Mirages & My Love is Rotten to the Core: all well worth your time & money (good jumping off point here).

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