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Monday, 5 May 2008

Avant-poptronica buffet (2nd helping)

NB: repost from April 24 with, hopefully, correctly-tagged tracks this time...

Gorge yourself at a Ghostly International avant-poptronica buffet, Ghostly Swim: a free 19-track download featuring LMYE-approved Cepia available here - track by track (256kbps) or all in one zipped go. Other featured artists include Matthew Dear & Milosh. Bon appetit!

Some stand-out tracks:

> Cepia: Ithaca [zShare]
> Dark Party: Active [zShare]
> Matthew Dear: R&S [zShare]
> Michna: Triple Chrome Dipped [zShare]
> Milosh: Then It Happened [zShare]
> Tycho: Cascade [zShare] (NB: the LMYE remix will be dispensing with that ill-advised acoustic guitar half-way through :-)
> The Reflecting Skin: Traffickers [zShare]

Ghostly promo vid:


SCQ said...

This Ghostly International download sounds amazing... thanks for the heads-up.

By the way, the new Four Tet is pretty fantastic!

JacL said...

SCQ, always good to hear from you! Hope all well over there in the frozen north...

Agree totally on Four Tet.



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