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Saturday, 2 August 2008

"An infidel for commitment" (re-up #2)

Having racked up a baffling series of Hype Machine failures on our recent posts, plummeting LMYE's always modest audience into new realms of miniscularity, here goes a Hail Mary...

& when you're hailing Mary, you want the blessed Four Tet on your side. Given his taste for smutty song titles (in his Audion guise, anyway), & indeed his sub-Leonard Cohen lugubrious vocals, you may not also want Matthew Dear.

But you're getting him anyway, because our recent airing of MD's Lusine remix segues pretty inevitably into this version of his Deserter (from Asa Breed Black Edition). & it's too lovely - naive piano & bleeps, raw hi-hat, strangely uplifting choral/sequencer (?) backing, multi-tracked LC vocal for max luge - not to share...

Sorry about the four to the floor bit at the end, though - can't say it adds too much, but it's brief.



GirlSonic said...

Great find ... I love the lights of THE city in the background, and the dark spareness (spare darkness?) of the song.

JacL said...

GirlSonic, glad you liked it. Dear himself called it beautiful, & that seems fair enough to me.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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