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Monday, 4 August 2008

"This groove is out of fashion"

Listen to
Strange Overtones - the first, given-away taste of the new Byrne & Eno opus, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today ("our first collaboration in about 30 years").

Of course, it's rich & subtle in many rewarding ways. & it's served to you only after marinading in a bucketload of irony & cleverness.

But to these ears it's also quite disappointingly conservative - more Byrne than Eno, you could say, though that's unfair as the song is quite sharp: it's the music, surprisingly, that for once seems behind the curve ("these beats are 20 years old" is fine as a metaphor, but also is disarmingly accurate)...

Compare with the inspired (& also song-based) Another Day on Earth: more than ever, it seems like Eno's masterpiece
of this decade.

ETHWHT is released on August 18.


Scott said...

Yeah, I signed up for this and am pretty impressed. It seems to me like a more mature, careful sound than Bush of Ghosts which makes sense after 30 years... I like it though and am pretty excited about the forthcoming release.

JacL said...

Scott, glad you liked it. I was hoping for a bit less maturity & carefulness, I guess - but like you am still pretty excited about the album...

Thanks for taking the time to comment.



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