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Monday, 4 August 2008

More legitimate plunder (re-up)

A slightly warmer electronica, etc selection than yesterday's, again plundered from the surprisingly tasty music section of download.com...

NB: some tracks waved past LMYE 'nothing under a year old' stance due to legit giveaway status.

NB2: the slightly dodgy Schnauss included for its genius ending...

>Boards of Canada: Skyliner (from Trans Canada Highway, Warp)
>Digitonal: Snowflake Vectors (from The Centre Cannot Hold, Seed)
>Thomas Fehlmann: Lindt (from Lowflow, Plug Research)
>Matmos: Rainbow Flag (from Supreme Balloon, Matador)
>Ulrich Schnauss: On My Own (from A Strangely Isolated Place, City Centre Offices)
>Telefon Tel Aviv: When It Happens It Moves All By Itself (from Map Of What Is Effortless, Hefty)


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