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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Legitimate plunder (re-up)

Often dark, fairly minimal & occasionally quite recent electronica, etc - all plundered from the surprisingly tasty (if largely unnavigable) music section of download.com...

NB: some tracks waved past LMYE 'nothing under a year old' stance due to legit giveaway status.

>Ellen Allien: Bim (from Sool, BPitch Control)
>Autechre: Altibzz (from Quaristice, Warp)
>Jan Jelinek: Universal Band Silhouette (from Kosmischer Pitch, ~scape)
>Mouse on Mars: Chartnok (from Varcharz, Sonig)
>Radiohead: Nude [Holy Fuck Remix] (from Radiohead/ Remix/ Nude)
>Nobukazu Takemura: Cogwheel (from Sign, Thrill Jockey)

More to follow...


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