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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Cole crops

Thomas Dowse David Miller Oliver Barrett
Chiara Zanesi John MF Casey Mathieu Ranson

Adelle Havard Joel Woods Rachel Hunt

There's a kind of diligent carelessness - immense attention to detail, & a willingness to mess with the results - about Brassica's slightly loopy Microvictories (on Tartaruga). Stodgily, though, the tightest tracks appeal most to these ears: the plinky, endearing Thank You, Mr Francis & what mapsadaisical rightly characterised as the Books-ish opener (& its closing reprise) - Conveyor Belt (On The Way In/Out).

Out not uploaded as half of the album has been blogged or given away already: buy it here.

Or at least join Max's library to get your hands on the thing for some intense object fetishism ("The CDs are full glass-mastered CDs, housed in a signature Tartaruga recycled cardstock gatefold sleeve, silk-screen printed, hand stamped, and sewn together. Each sleeve is then individually numbered.

Brassica Brassica

The album also features exclusive artwork from ten different visual artists, all enclosed on ten separate full colour postcard-style inserts.")

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