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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Clearing the undergrowth

Sometimes, & this is said with joy rather than sourness, of course, the sheer volume of compelling, special music around is almost overwhelming - the current LMYE backlog of tracks demanding immediate posting features Addled, Taylor Deupree/Kenneth Kirschner, Digitonal, Dntel, Line, Marconi Union, Seth Troxler, The Village Orchestra, Susumu Yokota & Zephyr Skate Team (& that doesn't include our Barcelona arm's plans...). 

Trying to keep up with everything worth your time can feel like that old cartoon. Molehills pop up repeatedly & are smashed down in an inevitably losing effort to maintain a flawless lawn...

Take Bracken. The lovely, idiosyncratic post-Hood lineage of The Boats/The Sea, Remote Viewer & things Moteer have been explored a bit here already. But Bracken's perhaps equally rich splinter had gone unregistered, until now. 

So: an LMYE hack of the clang & shimmer that starts a compote of Bracken remixes & versions (no doubt very obvious & recognisable to those who know - please advise) &  the warped pop of Heathens (from We Know About the Need, on anticon).  

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists have chosen to share freely with their audience.

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