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Monday, 12 January 2009

A bowl full of mush

No comb, brush nor old ladies whispering 'hush', but we do have - as the children's bed-time story ordains - a bowl full of Mush. Has any record label ever been less suitably named? What little I know of their stuff is crunchy & snappy to a fault...

&, incidentally, has any ever offered a more sorted sample of their wares than this? (Temporary Residence - about to rerelease early Fridge, I see - is decent too, sure, but without the same buffet dimension.)

Anyway, despite my struggles with Bibio's hey nonny no tendences (I know, I know, Boards of Canada endorsement, universal love for Fi - but still not wholly persuaded...) his remix of Lymbyc Systym's Truth Skull [from Love Your Abuser Remixed] gets progressively finer & more warped - here's an LMYE hack that purges the dull first half & kicks off from the Tortoise homage/rip-off...

Also Mushy, Boom Bip & Doseone's deliciously pummelling & ranting The Birdcatcher's Return [from Circle]. 

Others new to my mush: 

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