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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Martian misadventure

"A sonic adventure inspire by the red planet and all the legends that surround the 4rd stone from the Sun. Electronic magic landscape drawing with sweeping filters, analogs sounds and retro drum-machines."

Well, yes. Don't know about that Martian malarkey (& there's more where that came from - lowell's canals, Helene Smith, the Laestrygon area...). Indisputably, though, the first track of Malaventura's new Mars EP is a luscious piece of shimmering old-school techno - with all the filtered retro-analogueness an inter-galactic traveller could hope to beam up: Cydonia

Also: Fernando's deftly jazzy Exploring the Surface (from The Secrets of the Moon) & the Satie swings by Detroit TAKE5 (from Ruidos+Piano, with Alejandro Ventura). 

Video (with background to this rewarding piece):   

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