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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

In stillem Gedenken

Courtesy of Berlin's fine zero", a Modeselektor giveaway: the Modes' brand of kitchen-sink techno can be a bit cartoon-ish - to these ears, at least - but their encounters with Radiohead's Thom Yorke were quite tasty, as was Godspeed (the intense first track from Happy Birthday)

For a scraping, whirring, almost ambient Mode, go here for a free download of the lovely  valedictory In Loving Memory (from the eponymous EP & Hello Mom!); enter the code 5801248655406313 [use by January 30; registration may be required]. 

zero" Last.FM group for more goodies...

Also in BPitch Control territory, the best track from Telefon Tel Aviv's imminent Immolate Yourself to penetrate LMYE consciousness so far: the ravishing The Birds

Update: striking, defiant TTA commentary on Immolate here (NB: both Birds & Helen of Troy are BPitch-sanctioned giveaways). 

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