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Friday, 16 January 2009

Muffled progress

Contrasting versions of PanAmerican's compelling muffled delicacy: Skylight (from Quiet City) & How Much Progress One Makes (from White Bird Music - or White Bird Release, possibly - but due next month in any case...) - both on Kranky

1. Labradford "Disremembering" 
From Prazision
2. Jessamine "Cellophane" 
From Jessamine
3. Bowery Electric "Long Way Down" 
From Bowery Electric
4. Magnog "Lost Landing" 
From Magnog
5. Stars of the Lid "Fucked Up (3:57 AM)" 
From The Ballasted Orchestra
6. Godspeed You! Black Emperor "The Dead Flag Blues" 
From F# A# (Infinity)
7. Low "Two-Step" 
From Secret Name
8. Pan American "K. Luminate" 
From 360 Business/360 Bypass
9. Windy & Carl "Resolution" 
From Consciousness
10. Out Hud "Hair Dude, You're Stepping On My Mystique" 
From S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.
11. Growing "Pavement Rich in Gold" 
From The Sky's Run Into the Sea
12. loscil "Lucy Dub" 
From First Narrows
13. Nudge "Classic Mode" 
From Cached
14. Tim Hecker "Dungeoneering" 
From Harmony in Ultraviolet
15. Deerhunter "Like New" 
From Flourescent Grey
16. Valet "Kehaar" 
From Naked Acid
Plus: interview

Final crank: listen to Jonas Reinhardt's recent debut here - especially the impeccable kraut-out of Worm Preach the Struggling Fire...

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