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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Fish fry

As threatened, more from the sometimes Mushy & often fine
Fisk Industries: this lovely, sombre thing (Moieties Part 2, from the EP 77 & Rising), for starters. Also, this almost equally lovely one (Can't Breathe, from The Isle of Wight EP).

Mat Fisk is a mainstay (designer, output fiend) of the part-netlabel Highpoint Lowlife. From his five web releases: a refreshingly clanking kitchen sink Brassica remix of Blood (from Magnetic Fisk Remixes); a subtle, long-unfurling Yard dub of Crowley (ditto); & the sweetly, crisply swirling Shadow (from Triptych).

He's also the spectral Orientalist sort of-dubstepper Kwaidan, or was once: Masaki [excerpt] (from Kwaidan digital 12").

More in this vein, though live & under the FI banner (& without the Japanese mystics), here.

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