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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Aimless and ambient

"Rather aimless and ambient" complained The Guardian. They say it like that's a bad thing!

Every so often, the near-infinity of annoyance that is Foals (MySpace) surprises me with a little gem. No great surprise, admittedly, that Kieran Hebden's epic remix of Cassius (listen via widget) resonated with these ears. 

But though their Antidotes was a way off LMYE's highlights of 2008 (also here), its Electric Bloom was also quite bracing. 

Now they've lobbed out a couple of quite tasty (whatever they say in Faringdon) works-in-progress: A Future Dub & XCFAVA . Have to draw the line at the choral 'Deux' version of Dub, though... 

But the best of the giveaways is this winningly moody, rackety take on some obscure B-side [try not to be put off by their "which we kinda prefer actually" comment]: Glaciers (Early Mix).

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