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Monday, 10 January 2011

Sleepy shepherd

No, I don't know why Sam Landry should be The Shepherd either. Sam Shepherd, perhaps? Probably not.

No matter. The new self-release Everything is Everything Else* (which coincides with the dextrous remastering of his earlier De fe'kun.dus ad salus & Sounds of the Sleepless Sam Vol​.​I) marks a further deepening & a definite darkening of his outstanding Le Berger project ("ambient textures & tonal ventures accomplished with primitive means and scarce source material") - a thrilling discovery last year recognised recently with a place in LMYE's Festive 50 - or so - albums that particularly mattered to us in 2010.

Everything's highlight & centrepiece is the 40-minute Phone's Ringing Dude.../...Thank You Donny pairing. Hear the great Kenneth Kirschner (specifically, his 2-hour epic July 17, 2010 - also a Festive 50 pick, by the way) in their glassy, skittering protraction? Impressive company to keep (or at least suggest)...

The pair clearly sit alongside & develop earlier, somewhat blissier ultra-long workouts like De fe'kun's Salus & Sounds' 0007 [Thanks to Bobby the Navigator] - stream both below (NB: SoundCloud's are pre-remastered versions - see Sam's comment & compare with the updated Bandcamps). These lambent, languid pieces are strikingly self-replenishing. As they unfurl over time - much, much time - their affecting themes gather serious force, growing ever more potent with each ravishing breath-pace cycle.

Not everything in Le Berger's flock is measured in 20-minute blocks, though. For that matter, not all of it is in blissy, tranquil mode - even before Everything.

One unmissable example: the refreshingly kinetic Gnascor Encore & Core a Corps (also from De fe'kun). Strongly craving more of this 'constructivist' grid-like & geometric version of Le Berger. Let it be shepherded (ahem) out to us before too long.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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berg said...

N.B. the tracks on soundcloud from previous albums (de fe'kun. & Sounds of...) are NOT the remastered versions. I didn't get around to change them on that site as of yet. For the remastered version, either stream or download them from bandcamp.

Also, dynamite (albeit maybe a slow release type of dynamite) track from Kershner, thanks for the discovery!

Much obliged,

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