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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Do You Dream in Colour?

Enjoyable out-zoning to the droning of Saffron Slumber, whose Somnogen is gifted by Resting Bell (discovered thanks to disquiet). Good enough for Low Point, or Hibernate, or maybe Under the Spire? You decide.

Resting Bell blurb: “Kevin Stephens has been writing music under the name of Saffron Slumber since 2004. Originally started as a project to explore ideas in ambient music, the project has continued to evolve over its lifespan to include aspects of noise, drone, and other forms of experimental composition. Former releases could be found on Pocket Change Records, Skrow!Media, Zenapolae, Luxus-Arctica Records International, and Circlesandlines Recordings. "Somnogen" consists of 6 tracks and has a complete duration of 36 minutes. The first five tracks are three to five minutes long. Beginning with the noisier "Möbius Thought",

Möbius Thought by saffronslumber

it becomes more calm and droning with the following three tracks. Fragile melodies are woven together with meandering, droning sounds and glimmering organic patterns. "Onyx" returns to the noisier, darker ambiance of the beginning and serves as a bridge between its melodic predecessors and "Oneiric Sun" - a massive 18-minute track, slowly breathing and evolving from a dark and mellow foundation to a burning star and back again.”

The best of the Resting Bell catalogue feels too good to be free, and Somnogen is definitely one of the best.

More Slumber of a Saffron hue is freely available elsewhere:

The White Tower

Glass Variation by saffronslumber

Red Etude by saffronslumber

Walk Through Doors

Of Ice, Water, and Steam by saffronslumber

Of Minerals by saffronslumber


Cascade III by saffronslumber

Myth of the Near Future (split with Carl Sagan’s Ghost and Specta Ciera)

Part 1 (Myth of the Near Future) by saffronslumber

At Dawn’s Harbor (split with Carl Sagan’s Ghost, Specta Ciera, and Ehrler Vogel)

Winter Poem by saffronslumber

Piano Drones 1

Part 1 Drone 2 (excerpt) by saffronslumber

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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