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Friday, 31 December 2010

Juhla viisikymmentä

After another orgy of label of the year-ing (also here), some album highlights of the past year. Like two years ago, our couple of lists together form an LMYE Festive 50, a half-century of new records that particularly mattered to us in 2010.

Of course, the cut-off is arbitrary (& so is elevating albums over other formats, & music released this year over that from earlier years). Many more than 50 important records were released in 2010. Besides a few accommodating multiples, we try to acknowledge that with some honourable mentions below as well.

Duplicates (Celer/Chubby Wolf, Demdike Stare, En, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Rafael Anton Irisarri) were purged from one list - JL's, as it happens - to make room for more names. You could argue that these represent our top picks of the year since they appeared in both independently-generated selections. Not quite, but it's clearly significant that they made the cut twice over.

NB: lists are alphabetical & equal. Links to follow...

alan >
36 - Hollow | Memories in Widescreen | Tape Series: Blue [3six ]
Andrew Thomas - Between Buildings & Trees [Kompakt]
CelerPanoramic Dreams Bathed in Seldomness [Basses Frequences] | Generic City [w/ Yui Onodera, Two Acorns] | Chubby Wolf - Orni-theology [Digitalis]
Clem LeekHolly Lane [Hibernate]
David TaggPentecost [Install]
Demdike StareTriptych [Modern Love]
En - The Absent Coast [Root Strata]
Grasslung Sincere Void [Root Strata]
Jefre Cantu-LedesmaLove is a Stream [Type]
John Roberts - Glass Eights [Dial]
Keith Berry - The Cartesian Plane [Elevator Bath]
Kyle Bobby DunnA Young Person’s Guide to [Low Point]
Listening MirrorRin [Somehow Recordings]
lovesliescrushingcrwth [Line]
Pantha du Prince - Black Noise [Rough Trade]
PausalLapses [Barge]
PjuskSval [12k]
Rafael Anton IrisarriThe North Bend [Room40]
Sandwell District - Feed-Forward [Sandwell District]
Scott CortezTwin Radiant Flux [Line]
Scuba - Sub:stance [Ostgut Ton]
Senking - Pong [Raster-Noton]
Shinobu NemotoMelting Loop Trip [moufu-rokuon]
Simon Scott - Traba [Immune]
Thomas KonerNunatak|Teimo|Permafrost [Type]

JL >

BJ NilsenThe Invisible City [Touch]
Chris Abrahams - Play Scar [Room40]
Christopher Hipgrave - Slow, With Pages Of Fluttering Interference [Low Point]
Clouwbeck From Which the River Rises [Sustain-Release]
Erstlaub - Sleepwalking into the Underworld [Highpoint Lowlife]
Fabio OrsiLittle True Things Under the Sun | Permanent Mark [self-released] | Winterreise [Slow Flow]
Keith Fullerton WhitmanGenerator [Root Strata] |Disingenuity/Disingenousness [Pan]
Kenneth Kirschner7/17/10 [self-released]
Koen Holtkamp - Gravity/Bees [Thrill Jockey]
Le Berger - De fe'kun.dus ad salus [self-released]
Machinefabriek/Kleefstra-Bakker-Kleefstra/Liondialer - That It Remains Winter Forever [White Box]
Mark Templeton - Ballads [self-released]
Moritz von Oswald TrioLive in New York [Honest Jon’s]
Nickolas MohannaTransmission Hue [Low Point]
OnSomething That Has Form And Something That Does Not [Type]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal|Returnal 7” [Editions Mego]
OvalO|Oh |Ringtone [Thrill Jockey]
p joergensen - Sountracks_Remix [Under the Spire]
Philip Jeck - An Ark For The Listener [Touch]
Piipstjilling - Wurdskrieme [Experimedia]
Preslav Literary SchoolIn Fractals [self-released] | Sonuna [Razzle Dazzle]
Rose & SandyPlay Cat’s Cradle [Moving Furniture]
Scissor Lock - Broken English [hellosQuare]
Shoeb AhmadBlossoms [hellosQuare]
SohrabA Hidden Place [Touch]

Also outstanding >

Akira RabelaisCaduceus [samadhisound] / Alva NotoFor 2 [Line] / Andrea BelfiKnots [Die Schachtel] / ASC - Nothing Is Certain [Nonplus] / Asura Asura [Non Projects] / Ben Fleury-SteinerKeep A Weather Eye Open [Infraction] / Brian McBride - The Effective Disconnect [kranky] / Casino vs JapanNight On Tape [Attack Nine] / Chihei HatakeyamaVariations [Soundscaping] / Dag Rosenqvist & Simon ScottConformists [Low Point] / Deepchord - Liumin/Liumin reduced [Modern Love] / Dettman - Dettman [Ostgut Ton] / Donato Dozzy - K [Further] / Erik SkodvinFlare [Sonic Pieces] / Ex-Easter Island HeadMallet Guitars One [Low Point] / Floating SpiritsTransmit [Section 27] / Gareth Hardwick - Of The Sea And Shore [Low Point] / Giorgio Gigli & Obtane - Looking through a Mindscape [Zooloft] / Greg HainesUntil the Point of Hushed Support [Sonic Pieces] / Hessien Home is Where the Ghost Is [Handstitched] / Ithaca Trio - New Music by The Colossal Ithaca Trio & The Deus Ex Machina Arkestra | Par Avion (w/ Machinefabriek) [self-released] | Tesla Verses the Night [Under The Spire] / Jannick SchouNight [Under the Spire] / Loscil Endless Falls [kranky] / OrphaxSamen aan het water |Turn Loose The Goose [self-released] / Raime/RegisIf Anywhere was here he would know where we are [Blackest Ever Black] / Relmic StatuteAbscon (5.L) Ditus Ianua [H.L.M High Linear Music] | Live One [Hibernate] | Morning Tapes [Cotton Goods] / Scott WellsDay Songs [Root Strata] / Seaworthy & Matt Rösner - Two Lakes [12k] / Small Things on Sunday4AM [Moving Furniture] | Recalling [Audio Gourmet] / Spartak - Verona [Low Point] | Version Room [hellosQuare] / SpheruleusFrozen Quarters [Under the Spire] / Suum CuiqueMidden [Young Americans] / Swartz - Nighttide [Utter East] / Sylvain Chauveau - Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) [Type] / T++ - Wireless [Honest Jon’s] / Taylor DeupreeShoals | Shoals (edition) [12k] / The Village Orchestra - We Can Remember It For You Wholesale [Broken20] / The End of All ExistenceThe End of All Existence [The End of All Existence] / Ubeboet Archival [Moving Furniture] / VCV HD 98618 [Second Sun] / Xela/Analog Concept - Air Rings Vol. 2 [Digitalis]

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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