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Thursday, 13 January 2011

We Can Be Beat

Lest any of you had got the impression that we here at Earslend Towers are too shy to shake a leg, too timid to toe tap, or even too hung up to head nod, this is to serve notice that LMYE approves the use of beats. Below are beaty products we recommend use of - in moderation, naturally, between consenting adults, or with the guidance of a qualified person, these contain just the right blend of dub-infused, noir-ish, or filmic properties to provide ambient relief when combined with judiciously administered beat matter. Approved manufacturers include: Marcel Dettman, T++, Kangding Ray, Deepchord Presents Echospace, Raime (Regis version), The Sight Below, Pantha du Prince, Sven Weisemann, Kontext, Delta Funktionen, and Milton Bradley.

KM 017 A1. Marcel Dettmann- Factory Report 1 by KONTRA-MUSIK

T++ - Voice No Bodies by subraw

A1 Pruitt Igoe - part 1 (rise) by Kangding Ray

Burnt Sage by modernlove

This Foundry (Regis Version) [SHORT CLIP] by Blackest Ever Black

The Sight Below - Burn Me Out From The Inside by Surfing on Steam

Es Schneit by GvsB

Sven Weisemann - Placid Love / Essays 003 D Snippet / Sole Exception EP 2x10" by Essays

To save you the trouble of procuring, an LMYE-prescribed beat mix - '20beatsfrom2010' - has been compiled and uploaded, streamable from there or below (WARNING: not to be taken by those allergic to techno).

20beatsfrom2010 by albient

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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