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Friday, 2 April 2010

Lapsed professional

Seriously, the most compelling thing I've heard this year - Keith Fullerton Whitman in recent live action
, a masterfully controlled display of surging, bleeping intensity (as sublimely skilled & ferociously pressing as Barcelona's first half on Wednesday night). At the risk of even worse comparative glibness, it's as if one of the great serial composers got waylaid in a kosmische-inclined Berlin squat...

"a recent live-set, utilizing 3 portable cabinets of eurorack modules (one of oscillators & processors, one of control & clocking sources, and one of drums & clock dividers) to yield a continually morphing, non-sequenced grid of timed events, centered around a 4-part sample & hold "canon" ... a pair of lfo's "drive" the entire patch ; in fact every pitch or pulse is derived from one of these two sources .."

Previous coverage (also here [down at the end] & here).

Live Generator (2.1) @ P.A.'s Lounge, 03/30/10 by kfw

Keith Fullerton Whitman >
Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (for Lamonte Young) (1994) / Rhodes Viola Multiple (1995) (extracts from Antithesis, kranky) / track3a(2waynice) / fib01a / modena (extracts from Playthroughs, kranky)

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