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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ancient and modern

Like Cabaret Voltaire reimagined by Sbtrkt or s p a t i a l,
T++ delivers ghostly, fluttering distortions freighted on bone-dry beats for a release that apparently signals the end - of this Profrock persona, at least...

"The T++ project bows out triumphantly, with its most expressive, energetic and fully-realised work. Snapping 2-step garage rhythms are at the heart of all four epics. Notwithstanding the distress, deconstruction and detournement they undergo, the spirit and swing of the British soundsystem tradition is unmistakable. Further, these are kinds of remixes, shot through with the contorted samples of voice and ndingidi from a handful of old East African 78s (collected on a forthcoming Honest Jon's compilation). At once ancient and modern, possessing a unique tonal language, and with it a curious, almost occult power."

Previous coverage.

T++ > Wireless [extracts] (from Wireless 12", Honest Jon's)

Photo by
Robert Henke / Monolake (new field recording performance up now...)

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