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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fine rain falling

Welsh harps haven't often featured on LMYE, despite the principality being just down the road. Still, a trip back into subtle
neo-classical/ambient territory with the post-Deaf Center Nest is at least a start in correcting this shabby omission...

Igloo, mapsadaisical, the Milk Factory & tokafi have all already weighed in on the expanded nest EP (now Retold) that marked the relaunch/reinvention of Serein at the start of this year. So there's little more to do now than tip hats, doff caps & once again scramble on to their illustrious coattails months after the event - hear streams of two rapt
new-generation tracks & an equally entrancing pair of limpid MP3s from the original netlabel release (still up on archive.org, by the way) below...

Recent Deaf Center performance via playmytape (also streams here).

Nest > Cad Goddeu / Lodge (from nest EP/Retold, Serein)

Nest - Wheatstone

Nest - The Twelve


Olan Mill - Pine (free download)

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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