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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Flammable wetlands

Led by Pimmon's scintillating
On the Other Hand this Carbon Fire is (Flammable) & following yesterday's post on Sound&Fury (& the day before's Machinefabriek-guided stops by Tim Catlin & Adrian Klumpes), a quick overview of some of our other Australian enthusiasms & passions - besides The Necks, of course...

Streams of much of the
outstanding Verona (Low Point) by what is quite possibly my favourite band in the world today, Spartak, & the second volume of the great New Weird Australia series below. Note also that those really fine Scissor Lock remixes are downloadable from his SoundCloud...

Note to self: follow-up needed to redress the glaring absence here of such greats as John Chantler/Lawrence English & Pedal, as well as the many Triosk splinters (especially
the Adrian Klumpes/Shoeb Ahmad stuff), the Seaworthy collaboration with Fabio Orsi & much more, no doubt...

Previous coverage (Pimmon/
Seaworthy) & here (Seaworthy) & here (Pedal/Seaworthy/Solo Andata) & here (Klumpes/Ahmad).

Pimmon > On the Other Hand this Carbon Fire is (Flammable) (from New Weird Australia Vol. 1, self-released)

Float Potion by Pimmon
live excerpt - 2009

Out By Holy Land (Pimmon remix)

South (Shoeb Ahmad remix)

North (Scissor Lock remix)
From the "forever unreleased" Scissor Lock album Now

Scissor Lock > Codify (from New Weird Australia Vol. 4, self-released)

The Waves To The Rails - Spartak

Tweezer - Spartak

Paul Fiocco > Torsions and Drifts (from New Weird Australia Vol. 2, self-released / Torsions & Drifts, Meupe)

Solo Andata - Loom
From the self-titled Solo Andata release on 12k

Together Apart by Solo Andata
From Fyris Swan through Hefty Records

Seaworthy >
They’re Cicadas You Know? (from New Weird Australia Vol. 4, self-released)

Narawang Wetlands 7 February 2010 by Seaworthy
Recorded near shallow ephemeral pools within the Narawang Wetlands, Sydney Olympic Park

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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