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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

72 seconds

A slivery shudder of wispy yearning - a minute footnote to an earlier piece on Ithaca Trio, 72 seconds of an improbable (& unrecognisable) cover to bookend the epic earlier three-quarters of an hour "ambient post-rock generative" remix...

Kaya (Teaser) by Ithaca Trio

Below, Ithaca's new-ish Brown Bear - "
a dark, creeping, anxious drone composition performed on guitar, tape, and broken cymbals" (rather more creeping & anxious in the second half than the near-bucolic first, to these ears...) - & its beguiling predecessors Tesla Verses the Night & the free Oxe.

<a href="http://ithacatrio.bandcamp.com/album/brown-bear">Brown Bear (First and Second Movements) by Ithaca Trio</a>

<a href="http://ithacatrio.bandcamp.com/album/tesla-verses-the-night">Dragon Sleeps Well by Ithaca Trio</a>

<a href="http://ithacatrio.bandcamp.com/album/oxe">Josef, My Pain Is Your Pain by Ithaca Trio</a>

Finally, longer form Ithaca loveliness live with Ali Jamieson in June 2008:

Ithaca Trio & Ali Jamieson: 09-06-08

Ithaca Trio & Ali Jamieson: 14-06-08

Photos by Ithaca Trio.

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