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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Sunny Leeds

One of the many, er, high points of picking up on Low Point - LMYE's 'new discovery' label of 2009 - last year was the chance to mine P Jørgensen's intense, refracting subtleties. Returning more & more to the iridescent textured riches of his two albums to date, my frustration at having failed to catch him in the UK before Christmas (or in in Copenhagen next month) mounts...

Fortunately, at least one of those shows was recorded. That scintillating Leeds performance features here alongside an exclusive (mostly in the sense that few others would have bothered...) LMYE hack of fragments" of Lets The Sun Drag Itself Out Into a Long Ray - plus a full SoundCloud stream of 'speed-drone' (©LMYE, ahem) masterpiece To.

Earlier coverage
here. Fine furthernoise review (part of a broad Low Point overview) here ("... homes in on timbre, evoking the aura of morning mist or the long drawn out rays of light. An elegant lulling music of low attack and deferred decay, of faux-woodwinds and ersatz-organs periodically inflected with delicate oscillations; a warm, balmy flow of harmonised drones and earthy texture fields").

"p jørgensen is a composer & sound artist based in copenhagen, denmark. his current work is primarily based on heavily computerprocessed acoustic instruments and field recordings which are turned into luminous textures, crystalline tones and vibrant ambient drones."

live in Leeds 07.11.2009 by p jørgensen

"my live set from the royal park cellars, november 2009 other acts that night were fieldhead, jasper tx with danny saul and the home current (dj'ing) kindly recorded by http://victoryrosemusic.blogspot.com/"

maxine by p jørgensen

from Lets The Sun Drag Itself Out Into a Long Ray, Monotype

P Jørgensen - Sun Rays

LMYE hack of "fragments" from Lets The Sun

10 B-25 Mitchell by p jørgensen

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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