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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Unfestive conclusion

So, a bathetic ending to the pathetic fallacy of LMYE's by now distinctly unFestive 50: a companion to our 20 labels of 2009 & top 10 sources of music discovery* in the form of our 20 artists of the year. Plus, given the discomfort of picking out an arbitrarily small group when LMYE exists to highlight all the less obvious music we love, an inevitable hedge: 10 more 'emerging' artists whose excellence we twigged during the year (often years too late, but anyway...).

Note that, apart from their inspired music, this list celebrates artists who typically cranked up their impact through other initiatives & efforts
- running a cutting-edge label (Deupree, Sprinkles), creating compelling music on a new platform like the iPhone (Scanner), delivering genius mixes/remixes (English, KMS, Klimek, Sprinkles), collaborating far & wide (Baker, TRR), using 'free' creatively (Klimek, LJK, Monolake, Willits) - &/or sometimes just by the power of their example (The Necks' decade-plus of collective improvisation, Basinski's pioneering, Celer's fecundity, Erstlaub & Skelton's single-mindedness...).

*not including blogs like this one that mainly deal in commercial releases

Post features an exclusive LMYE hack of extracts of DJ Sprinkles' new Masturjakor. More tracks, hacks & profiles/rationales of the top 20 to follow in, er, due course. No, really...

Aidan Baker > previously on LMYE

William Basinski > previously on LMYE


Taylor Deupree >>

Dec8 MMwHloop

DJ Sprinkles > previously on LMYE >> Masturjakor [Sprinklettes] (from Masturjakor, Mule Musiq)

DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz Live @ Decadent Deluxe, Fukuoka, Japan - 02-05-2007

Lawrence English

previously on LMYE

King Midas Sound >
previously on LMYE

Klimek > previously on LMYE >>

HARZ demo #1
FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK ghetto ambient mix

LJ Kruzer > previously on LMYE >>

LJ Kruzer - Tam by unchartedaudio
LJ Kruzer - Tam814 by unchartedaudio

Monolake >
previously on LMYE

Mountains >
previously on LMYE

The Necks >
previously on LMYE

Akira Rabelais > previously on LMYE

Scanner >
previously on LMYE

Richard Skelton >
previously on LMYE >>

Richard Skelton ~ Landings

Mark Templeton

To Rococo Rot >
previously on LMYE >> Working Against Time (from Speculation, forthcoming on Domino)

Moritz von Oswald >
previously on LMYE

Christopher Willits >
previously on LMYE


Allez-Allez >
previously on LMYE

Olafur Arnolds >
previously on LMYE

Floating Points

Jasper TX

P Jørgensen > previously on LMYE

Mokira >
previously on LMYE

Simon Scott >
previously on LMYE

Seaworthy >
previously on LMYE

spatial >
previously on LMYE

The Village Orchestra/TVO >
previously on LMYE

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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