"An arbitrary succession of more or less irritating sounds"

Sunday, 3 January 2010

"as if waves in a pool"

New Year's Resolutions department (1): hear more William Basinski
in 2010...

'"...I got back to work and found yet another lunchbox of ancient tape-loops to go through for possible inclusion in the new piece. I came across the main theme and thought...well, this is gorgeous; let's see if we can use this to coax Viv to come out. I went through the rest of them and found another dozen or so that mixed well used randomly, just under the threshold.

"The next night I performed the piece at Issue with their 16 channel hemispherical speaker system set to move the sounds randomly around the room as if waves in a pool. We all had a really good time. It was mesmerizing."

This version was recorded with microphones and two Norelco tape decks live in my studio in Los Angeles in one take in September 2008.'

William Basinski > Vivian & Ondine [excerpt] (from Vivian & Ondine, 2062)

NB: photo by lowRentz.

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