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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

"words about land & water are vulnerable"

Three salty, North Sea-lashed tastes of Jan & Romke Kleefstra's intense, unfolding poetic encounters with collaborators like Machinefabriek & Gareth Davis...

"Jan Kleefstra writes 'fragments' about inlands between lakes and near the sea and the sense perceptions of it. And because words about land and water are vulnerable, especially when the relationship with it is fragile, he doesn't want the words to hit the ground and be trampled down by people after leaving his voice. That's why he recitates on soundscapes, partly from the guitar of his brother Romke, partly on samples of William Basinski, Deathprod or Es and sometimes live with others like Machinefabriek and Soccer Committee. Jan & Romke also co-operate with other forms of art like (seascape) painting and cinematographics. So far Jan published three collections of poems:
  • Stem van de stilte (2004, Boon Uitgeverij, Groningen) - a combination of Dutch poems with seascape paintings by Minne Onnes
  • Fragmenten (2006, Boon Uitgeverij, Groningen) - Dutch poems with a few digitally adapted pictures by Johan van Aken
  • Fragminten (2008, Friese Pers Boekerij, Leeuwarden) - Frisian poems with a few digitally adapted pictures by Johan van Aken
Romke Kleefstra has been singer/songwriter/guitarist in some groups over the last 15 years, including Shatterhole, Seascape Painters, Polaroyd and Music for the Defect. He's also been doing solo stuff (and might do that again)."

Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra - Wink

"Wink is a one piece live studio recording by Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra for Apollolaan Recordings. It was published in a limited number of 100 cds with handmade packages by Matt Shaw.

Romke Kleefstra: melodic and experimental guitar + loops / Anne-Chris Bakker: bowed and fingerpicking guitar + effects / Jan Kleefstra: voice, poems and laptop with 'transitive sound 6' by Johan van Aken.

Released by: Apollolaan Recordings
Release/catalogue number: Apan 012
Release date: Jun 2009"


"Unreleased track by Gareth Davis (bass- and contrabassclarinet), Romke Kleefstra (guitar, loops) and Jan Kleefstra (voice). Live-impro, recorded February 5th 2009 at Landscape Studio, Gauw (The Netherlands)."

Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra - Piiptsjilling

"Piiptsjilling was a live impro-collaboration of Machinefabriek, Jan Kleefstra, Mariska Baars (Soccer Committee) and Romke Kleefstra in Ei Studio, Amsterdam. The live piece was edited and processed by Rutger Zuyderveld.
Rutger Zuyderveld: guitar, effects, laptop | Jan Kleefstra: words, voice | Mariska Baars: guitar, voice | Romke Kleefstra: guitar.
Released by: Onomatopee
Release/catalogue number: Onomatopee 016
Release date: May 2008"

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