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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Highbrow mucker

A snappy post in keeping with the succint - by ambient-drone standards, at least - but rewarding source: hear a scintillating, metallically groaning edit (originally for FACT) of Olympia & Variation III from the rich To by P Jørgensen on Low-Point. If you're in the UK, come out to see him at one end of next month or the other...

Blurb: "‘To’ is the second album release by P Jørgensen, a sound artist and composer for ensemble, theatre and film based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Exploring the relationship between composition and chance, Jørgensen created the music for this release by drawing upon a palette of acoustic instrumentation and field recordings which were then transformed via computer processing into luminous textures, crystalline tones and vibrant ambient drones.

‘To’ is divided into two clearly defined sections across its 30 minute running time. Broad swathes of sound, juxtaposed chords and miniature crescendos during the first half give way to a more introspective and peaceful denouement as the album draws to an end.

Whilst the running time of ‘To’ may seem surprisingly concise for an album of this genre, Jørgensen’s purposeful and streamlined approach to composition ensures that not a single second goes to waste. By focusing on timbre and texture, these distinctive tracks establish vibrant atmospheres which seem to take on the properties of a morning's fog or the diffuse glow of reflected light."

P Joergensen > Olympia/Variation III [FACT edit] (from To, Low-Point)

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