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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Winter tribute

After the dense immensities of Navigare (hear full stream below), new riches from Simon Scott - a beautifully accumulating taste of the epic forthcoming soundscape Nivalis on Secret Furry Hole (download edit here) & the breathe-like, almost stately She Came from the Sea from the forthcoming Traba 12". Plus the rare Dissolving Memories from the vinyl edition of Navigare...

Scott on Nivalis: "the whole time i was writing this piece the snow just never stopped falling so i had this amazing visual flow that inspired me to keep on throwing musical ideas into the track. i had no intention to venture outside so i just kept on recording for two days, mixing as i went along, until the snow stopped. i added recordings of me clearing snow and ice from my doorstep whilst my heater was working flat out to push the sub zero temperatures up a few degrees. i see 'nivalis' as a tribute to the winter, the snow and the beauty of how the seasons change here in england."

She Came From The Sea by Simon Scott

Dissolving Memories by Simon Scott

Last track on Navigare (vinyl only).

Simon Scott - Navigare

Spring Stars by Simon Scott

"Co-Written with Rafael Anton Irisarri"

The Old Jug And Drum by Simon Scott

"featuring Jasper TX"

Ashma by Simon Scott

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