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Saturday, 9 June 2012


A uniquely lulling, layered haziness has long made Cameron Webb's Seaworthy a jewel even among the Aussie ambient riches he hailed in a rewarding recent radio interview (& which LMYE has celebrated over the years). Now Bellows and Breath - via another down under delight, Preservation (our Neglected Label of 2011, even) - works wheezy harmonium loveliness & yet defter field "detritus" into his sound. 

Hear to what beguiling, blurry effect on Breathe Deep & Rattled Rushes below (or stream the whole album (Spotify)). Another take on this tack in his course comes from a plaintive remix for Preservation label-mates The Singing Skies, while a loop series & live performance - both for radio - amplify the insight.  

A Message From The Cliffs (Seaworthy remix) - The Singing Skies

Loop #4 by seaworthy

Loop #1 by seaworthy

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