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Friday, 15 June 2012

Rational numbers

Exceptional balancing of sour & sweet, terror & uplift, arcing melody & drilling noise in this wondrous, wowing piece from a forthcoming Mike Shiflet LP on Under the Spire. If the rest of The Choir, The Army is anywhere near as good as Zahlentheorie, it'll be near the top of these ears' releases of the year. 

Another will be Shiflet's ferocious, transcendent Recollect/Reconstruct tape with his Scenic Railroads partner Joe Panzner. As Rubber City Noise rightly has it, "from lush engulfment to claustrophobic intensity...a soundtrack of planet birth—from gaseous outer layers down to primordial ooze". 

Mike Shiflet / Joe Panzner — Recollect / Reconstruct

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