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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Without ever meeting

Staying down under: working alone & with a new co-conspirator, Kane Ikin has put his name to two of this year's most rewarding releases. Ikin's growth beyond/besides Solo Andata has already yielded both the Contrail EP in his own name (on 12k) & Strangers with David Wenngren (for Simon Scott's keshhhhhh), as well as a raft of unreleased SoundClouding (much of it already down again, however, though the "slow & slow" Tails & A chord.repeated - "repeating itself into itself into itself" - feature below for as long as they remain up)...

While the mechanical joins don't show, the strikingly still, stately Strangers' remote co-production "without ever meeting, without real discussion or even a plan" seems reflected in its hushed self-containednessThe somewhat warmer, sometimes busier Contrail makes a lovely companion piece. Its additional colour helps round Strangers' graver delights into a richer, coherent whole. 

Previews, tracks, a video & full streams below. 

kane ikin - contrail (album preview)

Kane Ikin | Contrail EP on Vimeo

kane ikin + david wenngren - strangers (album preview)

Kane Ikin + David Wenngren - Veil


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