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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Salt Flats

No one can accuse Yann Novak & Robert Crouch of aiming too low. Their Fata Morganapart of last year's AxS Festival & released on Murmur this week, "mirrors the rare and complex mirage phenomenon which hauntingly inverts the boundaries of figure and ground over both desert lands and seas."

This exquisite, heat-hazed piece - a distant shimmer, a wispy chimera - is "a kind of fragmented travelogue, reconstructed through field recordings from the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah and Lake Mead in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada". 

Below hear a stereo mix "recomposed for home listening". Or stream the full 45 minutes (Spotify). 

Fata Morgana Excerpt by Yann Novak & Robert Crouch

Yann Novak + Robert Crouch | Fata Morgana on Vimeo

Also tuck into an extract from Novak's similarly gripping 3 Surfaces & take a 40-minute whistle-stop tour across his full discography (including last year's Presence, plus Relocation.Reconstruction & The Breeze Blowing Over Us)...

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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