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Friday, 23 September 2011

Textured manuscript

Talking of Oval, a sandblast from the past - a woozily abrasive track of the day from his monumental Ovalprocess album (Zomba, 2000 - stream in full below, along with the following year's Ovalcommers). 

Ovalprocess - Untitled 05 by Oval 

Ovalprocess - Untitled 02 by Oval

Ovalprocess - Untitled 12 by Oval

Ovalcommers - Untitled 04 by Oval

Ovalprocess by Oval

Blurb: "Ovalprocess is a flowing, textured manuscript that utilizes sublime low end rhythm and directive pulsation in a manner that eases the listener into a soft and pillowy world dominated by electronic bleeps, glitches and moans.

Ovalprocess equally represents an innovative music software application, designed by Popp, as much as it serves as the core engine to an innovative Oval sound installation. The installation is centered around one or several publicly accessible sound terminals running the Ovalprocess application, rendering the exhibit a customizable, collaborative workspace.
Making the installation accessible in a public space is the ideal aesthetic that Popp craves-he feels it is far more effective than offering a cdrom or another option that would make the application available on a more individual basis. The Ovalprocess installation allows the public to use sounds that are found on the album to produce their own Oval-like music."

Ovalcommers by Oval 

Blurb: "Popp describes Ovalcommers as a 3D musical obstacle course, a friendly and accessible invitation to complexity. Ovalcommers surprises with poetic and playful elements (organs and layers of guitar feedback), making room for understatement, sophistication and a new, almost absentmindedly casual atmosphere. Haunting emulations of processed brass, string and woodwind sections are carefully added to the otherwise still angular desktop rock. Listeners will leave Ovalcommers with a new perspective on Oval in general, as Popp's strategy becomes clearly visible: A friendly, yet relentless fanaticism to experiment and innovate musically."

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