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Friday, 2 September 2011

Empty gallery

The transfer window may have closed, but Premier League talent - Taylor Deupree! Steinbruechel! Simon Scott! - converges on our old friends ISAN as each contributes a remix of the pair's gently, twinklingly unfolding 'composite', an installation tone poem, all then packaged into a ravishing 12" for Scott's keshhhhhh label.

Hear all four compelling takes on the lambent original in a single preview below. 

Blurb: "It started a couple years ago - we had been working on a sound installation for the Eastside Gallery in Birmingham. The installation was based on ambient recordings made in and around the empty gallery, also from synthesised tones played out and recorded in the same space. We then constructed a multi-layered piece to be played from un-synchronised CD players, with new layers added over a period of 9 weeks.

Sometime after it was all up and running, we sent a "composite" of the work to our friend Simon Scott as he was really curious to hear it... Simon came back to us straight away with a vision to remix and release this on vinyl for his Keshhhhhh label, along with guest remixes from Taylor Deupree and Ralph Steinbrüchel (and more to come with the future digital release).
It's been a labour of love - beautifully mastered by Lawrence English, hand-stamped labels by Carl Harris, all lovingly assembled by Simon..."

Eastside (Remix 12" Preview) by isan

Extras - ISAN contributions to two giant & hugely worthwhile compilations, Sequence1 & 31 songs for japan

A dramatic exit of tosca from Rosa Menkman

EB.TV interview

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