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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Digger Dug

Digging archaeologist Mark Walters aka Savaran's Observations, via man of perpetual ambient motion, Harry Towell (previously on LMYE), here playing Audio Gourmet host to this ‘electronic musician, sound designer and sound artist working in the ambient, electronic, electro-acoustic and experimental genres from his small home studio on the Welsh border near Shrewsbury.’ The man they call Saravan is not just engaged in musical archaeologies, but is a professional unearther, whose music, we dig, ‘is inspired by the random daily events that life throws at you, landscapes, environment, atmosphere, astronomy, geology, past cultures, or just the indefinable need to make music.’

“The Jewelled Sea” ‘blends coastal field recordings made on holiday in Scotland with gentle ripples of processed and sequenced synthesizer sounds that provide a background swell for the minutiae of hydrophone derived flotsam and jetsam.’

“Inside Out” ‘was inspired by a rainy Sunday morning in Islington, London observing umbrella clad passers-by from a cosy hostelry and soaking up the sights and sounds of the street scene.’

“Lost in Conversation” is ‘a live improvised piece played over the complex crosstalk of multiple conversations in a busy restaurant.’

“1860 Redux” ‘revisits a phonautogram of the oldest song recording made by Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville in April 1860. The song Au Clair de la Lune was sung by an unknown performer and the original lasts just 10 seconds. The faint warbling voice on the original is lost in a fog of hiss and distortion which makes it quite a difficult listen. I stretched and processed the sound with reverbs to create a gentle wash that fades in and out of this ambient track as a small homage and remix of the original achievement.’ (all extracted from here)

Savaran’s recent Resonances can be freely heard via FeedbackLoop...

...who also freepost his Summerday postcard here.

[FPc009] Summerday by Savaran by FbL soundcards

Also worth exhuming is “Luminosity” on the Futuresequence birthday compilation (FS interview him here), Sequence 1, along with 41 others, many of whom familiar to LMYE frequenters. Not got? Tsk. Freeloading ambience-chasers, over here!

On which, incidentally, anorak-clad cross-referencing LMYErs will note, Harry Meets Bartosz again:

Pleq and Spheruleus - A Journey Through Unfamiliar Places by pleq (bartosz dziadosz)

Back to Savaran, there’s “Hidden Places” on the Flaming Pines compilation Burning Palms, described by label owner Kate Carr as 'a compilation about a small beach in Sydney , Australia called Burning Palms. Accessible only on foot, It is the home of black cockatoos, many palm trees and a natural figure eight rock pool. Most contributers haven’t been there. For them this compilation has been a process of imagination and fantasy, for others it has been one of nostalgia, remembering and forgetting. This compilation is about the process of imbuing a place with meaning, a common theme in ambient music. But rather than aiming to uncover some inner essence of the landscape this compilation looks at how this act can be just as much a work of fiction as one of fact. Tracks by: Broken Chip, Savaran, Kate Carr, Sublamp, All N4tural, Manrico Montero, Adam Williams, Darren McClure, Every Bolt Rumbling. Mastering: 12k' Get it here. While downloading, you can ear’ole the Savaran track and eyeball a pic of the Burning Palms-frequenting pumped-up darkside budgie.

02 hidden places - savaran by Flaming Pines

And if you haven't had your fill of Savaran, you can bloat on his float-on Microcosmos, released by Gradient Audio.

Microcosmos (from Gradient Audio Microcosmos EP) by Savaran

Elysian Fields (from Gradient Audio Microcosmos EP) by Savaran

Solar (from the Gradient Audio Microcosmos EP) by Savaran

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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