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Monday, 26 September 2011

Keepin' it Arboreal

Aural room tint of the day: Darren Harper’s fragrant Lavender Drift, prolific Twisted Tree Line's 29th offering of a munificent year. TTL is a micro label of Somehow, itself only established in Aug 2010 by Tim Brice and son, Nico (early releases+interview here). TTL has had up to nine releases appearing per month in its dinky 3” cd-r postcard series featuring new, upcoming and established artists alike, and more are already on the horizon.

Lavender Drift by darren harper

Grazing around the TTL site, soundcloud-watching, yields a veritable treasure trove of other goodies, most notably Elliot, lou & bill from 12k luminary, Pillowdiver

Elliott by pillowdiver

Lou by pillowdiver

Bill by pillowdiver

Once you get started, it's hard to stop, so here goes...

Cyclon Summers from Daniel Dorobantu

Cyclon Summers by Daniel Dorobantu

Old Tin Will Cry by Damian Valles

Part Two (Phase Transition) by Damian Valles

Futuregrapher’s TomTom Bike

Futuregrapher - TomTom Bike [album-sample] by Futuregrapher

You and I by Ex-Confusion

The Days We Spend Together by Ex Confusion

Elian with A Bit of Cinematography

Elian - A Bit of Cinematography Sample by timo david b

Pleq & Marihiko Hara with The Dawn Came Behind the Fog

Yusuke Kamijima’s Eating the Philosophy

Eating the philosophy sample track by Yusuke Kamijima

Invisible by Gallery Six

invisible - from Twisted TreeLine(UK) by Gallery Six

Three by Stefano Guzzetti

Stefano Guzzetti - Three (Sampler) by timo david b

And Koen Daigaku’s Wind has Risen

02 Wind Has Risen Sample by Koen Daigaku

Incidentally, a fragment of the last mentioned sets the tone of our recent End Summerless albient mix

End Summerless by albient

To be continued…

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.


Shok said...

thank you for an amazing post of great tunes!

Tim D Brice said...

Thanks so much Julien for placing this up. On behalf of Nico, Julia & Myself, many thanks :-)

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